Italian Recipes

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Egg Pasta

Egg pasta is the most traditional way to make Italian handmade pasta. Formerly reserved for special occasions like Sunday dinners, or wealthy individuals.

Pappardelle crema di asparagi e salsicce

Pappardelle with asparagus cream and sausages

Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese

Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce

Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe

Fettuccine with Cacio e pepe sauce

Eggless Pasta

Eggless pasta is traditional from Southern Italy, due to many cultural aspect and weather conditions.  However, there are eggless pasta recipes also in Northern Italy.

Trofie al pesto Genovese

Trofie with Genovese pesto

Fusilli alla Norma

Fusilli with Norma sauce

Filled Pasta

Caskets of pasta with unique and characteristic shapes from the various regions of Italy. A combination of flavors and colors makes filled pasta the true queen of fresh pasta.

Tortelli di zucca e amaretti

Tortelli stuffed with squash and amaretti cookies

Ravioli di ricotta al burro e salvia

Ricotta stuffed ravioli with butter and sage

Pansoti con salsa alle noci

Pansoti with walnut sauce

Baked Dishes

Baking is one of the oldest cooking methods. In this category you will find some of the most famous Italian pastas.

Lasagna sfoglia verde al ragù Bolognese

Green lasagna with ragù Bolognese

Cannelloni di Carne

Cannelloni filled with meat


Risotto, along with pasta, is a symbol of Italian cuisine. It originated in northern Italy and suddenly spread throughout the country.

Risotto allo zafferano e funghi

Saffron Risotto with mushrooms


Gnocchi are considered a first course like pasta, they have poor origins, a cuisine of recovery. They can be stuffed, or prepared with different ingredients such as potatoes, ricotta or vegetables.

Gnocchi di patate al pomodoro e basilico

Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and basil

Roman Dishes

Roman Dishes are seasonal and simple-to-prepare. Traditional dishes from the city of Rome.

Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe

Fettuccine with Cacio e pepe sauce


Traditional Italian desserts like Torta filled with the ingredients from each region. Find your favorite and give yourself a moment of sweetness.

Pastiera Napoletana

Neapolitan ricotta cheese Easter pie

Crostata al Limone

Lemon curd tart

Torta Caprese

Chocolate and almonds torte (Gluten-free)



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